Law Enforcement Services include:

  • Behavior Analysis and Observational Techniques Training
  • Management & Leadership Courses
  • Risk Analysis & Strategic Planning – Transportation Security
  • Police Defensive Tactics Courses
  • Law Enforcement Equipment & Supplies

Who Can Benefit Most from Rovertech’ s Specialized Training?

Our customized training experience includes basic introductory, inter-mediate and advanced Observational Techniques & Behavior Analysis training to all levels of the following departments and agencies:

  • Customs
  • Immigration
  • Drug Enforcement Agencies
  • State, and Local Police
  • Airport and Airline Security
  • Seaport and Cruise Line Security

Customs Departments

Streamline the international passenger inspection flow by narrowing on that minute percentage of passengers who may require closer scrutiny. Increase your detection and apprehension, while allowing honest passengers to be processed expeditiously through Immigration and Customs. Focuses on the International Transportation of Illegal Drugs, Currency, undeclared Merchandise and other prohibited goods.

Immigration Departments

Reduce the time spent processing International passengers, while detecting that minute percentage of passengers who are trying to enter illegally or have intention to stay over their allotted time. Focuses on Illegal Aliens, Over-Stayers, Counterfeit Passports.

DEA / Police / Airport Interdiction Groups

Focuses on Domestic Transportation of Illegal Drugs and Currency. Observe, Assess and Conclude if the “Observed Behavior” of interstate passengers at the curbside, airline counter, concourse, or jetway is unique to an innocent but nervous traveler or to a drug / currency courier.

State Police- Highway Patrol, County and Local Police Departments

Highway Interdiction – Since 9/11, heightened security measures at airports, have forced domestic drug smugglers to shift their enterprises to the highways, trains and bus transportation. Therefore, there has been a significant increase of Highway Interdiction stops by State Trooper and Highway Patrol Units. This training significantly reduces the time spent, and the number of minorities searched during a traffic stop, while minimizing the time spent in accurately developing probable cause of criminal activity prior to attempting to obtain driver’s permission or police k-9 to search of their vehicle. Distinguish “deceptive and guilty behavior” from “nervous but normal innocent ” behavior exhibited by a driver during a vehicle stop, at a rail, or bus terminal.

Airport / Airline / Port / Cruise Line / Transportation Security Screeners

Streamline the passenger inspection flow by identifying with increased speed and accuracy that minute percentage of individuals / passengers who may require closer scrutiny. This course focuses on the discovery of weapons, explosive devices, illegal substances, and prohibited items based on your Risk Assessment. Participants observe and evaluate the “Behavior” of those individuals whose “Behavior” is contrary to the “Pre-established Normal Behavior” of those honest passengers / travelers who travel through our nation’s Airports, Sea Ports, Bus Terminals and Train Stations.

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