How to Catch a Smuggler

Observational Techniques and Behavior Analysis

Since Prospero Ellis detected and apprehended the first Internal Carrier of Drugs (Swallower) in early 1980 (first in US History), he has devoted decades on perfecting the system for positively identifying and detecting suspects out of the line at airports and seaports. He utilizes specific techniques for the observation of passengers, a well-developed system of analyzing passenger behavior, and has condensed this knowledge in a practical program for Law Enforcement Agencies.

This system expedites passenger processing, and produces tangible results for the drug interdiction teams that have implemented his system. To date, more than twenty-two (22) countries including the US Customs and Border patrol have adapted the Rover Programs, which he named after his first Rover Team established in Miami, Florida in 1980. The Observational Techniques and Behavior Analysis system started as a Drug enforcement program, and later proved to be effective for the interception of illegal aliens, terrorism, and other criminal activity associated with Airports, Sea Ports and other ports of entry. This observation of behavior proved to be just as effective in the protection of Critical Infrastructure, and has now proven invaluable in the development of Insider Threat programs.

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