Starting in 1980, Prospero Ellis conceived and implemented the “Rover Concept” utilizing Observational Techniques and Behavior Analysis, at U.S. Customs Miami. Subsequently, he was directed by then Commissioner of Customs William Von Rabb, to implement the concept at all major U.S. Customs ports of entry as well as the Mexican and Canadian borders.
Then, throughout the years (1985-1995) many foreign Customs Dept’s., Drugs Task Forces, and Military Investigators (OSI, CID and NIS) from the three military branches. sent their Officers to Miami, to receive Rover training in order to become acquainted with this revolutionary concept. Upon returning to their respective countries and incorporating the Rover Concept’s techniques with their own established interdiction methodology, they have endured massive success in their law enforcement endeavors.
These training programs were most successful and many countries today, utilize these techniques in their ongoing approach to Drug Smuggling, Illegal Immigration, Airline Security, Airport Security and General Law Enforcement procedures.
In March of 1996, after 30 years of a successful law enforcement career, Supervisory Inspector Prospero M. Ellis retired from U.S. Customs and founded Rovertech International Inc. a Security & Detection Consulting firm, which provides systematic and quality training, guidance and services to both domestic and foreign Customs, Immigration, Agriculture Dept’s., DEA, State Police / Highway Patrol Highway Interdiction Teams, Domestic Airport Police Drug Interdiction Teams, Law Enforcement Agencies, Airlines Security Personnel, Airport Security Screeners, Cruise Ship’s Security and Private Industries Risk Management Teams.
What Are your Challenges?
The challenges we are facing today in terms of: Airport Security, Terrorism, Drug & Currency Smuggling, Illegal Aliens, Shoplifting, Commercial Fraud, VIP Protection, Cargo Security, and Racial Profiling are more than any of us could even imagine ten years ago.
These “challenges” are constantly evolving, and picking out the violators from among the honest people who you routinely come in contact with while in the performance of your official duties, can be like watching cars stream by at rush hour while trying to figure out which drivers have valid licenses.
How Can We Assist You?
Supervisory Inspector (R) Prospero M. Ellis and his team, can coach your staff and management team on how to refine their “Detection Skills”. You need usable, field-tested techniques! The Miami Herald News called Prospero Ellis “the Human Lie Detector”.
Lets understand that the premise of “Detection of Deception, is based on Knowledge coupled with the Consequence of the Detection”! “Every “Violator”, before they attempt to break your rules, they own the knowledge of their intent, so based on that knowledge they are consciously aware of the consequence they would suffer if detected. Therefore, consciously or unconsciously their body language will betray them, either verbally or non-verbally!
To the uninitiated it may seem like magic, but it’s just a matter of knowing what to look for and how to spot it. “Applied Common Sense” and “Empathy” is what Prospero Ellis terms it, and he’s proven time and time again that it’s teachable, it’s learnable and most important – it works!
Give Yourself a Winning Edge!
Rovertech’s training refines individual’s skills on detecting and interdicting those perpetrators who are “trying to break your rules. Our Observational Techniques and Behavior Analysis Training will assist your personnel, to increase their confidence level and prepare them to spot & identify those individuals involved in illegal activities relevant to your mission.

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