Since Prospero M. Ellis first conceived and developed the "Observational Techniques" and "Behavior Analysis Courses" that he further developed into the "Rover Concept" at U.S. Customs Miami and abroad, he has established his reputation as the absolute "Master" in this field he created. His seizures and recognitions received at U.S. Customs in the detection and interdiction fields, have never been matched.

So whether you are charged with the responsibility of Customs at an Airport, Seaport, Cargo, or you are in the field of Immigration, Agriculture, TSA Transportation Security Agency, DEA Airport Groups, Highway Patrol, State Police, Commercial Retail Security, Airline or Cruise Lines Security; wherever situation puts you in-contact with people, some of whom are attempting to "break your rules and get away with it". Prospero Ellis's detection techniques will assist your personnel in detecting and interdicting those perpetrators.

Rovertech International's training seminars will allow you to develop a system of compliance operations that allows for an enforcement action to take place within the guidelines of law, without the use of bias "profiles".

Officers or individuals trained in the system can articulate why someone was stopped and searched, or what provoked their initial suspicions while identifying with increased speed and accuracy that minute percentage of individuals who may require closer scrutiny, detection and apprehension.



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